Transpersonal Coaching

I'm so glad that you've arrived right here, right now. My name is Gaby Bodzin, and first and foremost, I am simply a human being, here for authentic living. I'm curious for expansion, always, and join others in discovering the depths and heights that this life has to offer us, even in the areas that we are reluctant to touch. I believe that most often, this is where our power and freedom live.

I'm going to share a little bit about my credentials, just because there are so many coaches out there and there are no licensing requirements for the title. After getting my bachelor's degree in family science from the University of Maryland, I began working in the field of holistic health. Soon after, I began graduate school at the University of Southern California to become a licensed psychotherapist. As of now, I have one year left in this program, but I've done so much of the inner work through my own coaching, therapy, and healing, that I've realized my practice as a "coach" truly began years ago. Though I have a lot of academic experience, it is the inner work and path of healing + self-growth that truly shapes my coaching. 

All of my research at USC is focused on bridging the gap between spirituality and science, which makes my approach to coaching particularly unique. In working together, we will truly learn to understand your life experience through both a cellular AND energetic lens.

I've been mentored by psychologists and have worked with coaches, healers, and intuitives for the past 5 years. In the past year, I've discovered transpersonal coaching, which involves the shared processing of emotions and experiences. Because I am an empath, transpersonal coaching is very natural to me. All that happens in this container is shared, making possible an opening for creative and generative growth, guided by you. In fact, you have all of the answers, and together, we make known the unknown: what is underneath any blocks to your healthiest, most vibrant self.

I've yet to find anything else nearly as powerful or transformative as this kind of coaching. In working together, we will access states of consciousness that go beyond the specific roles we've taken on, exploring the core of who we are and the essence of our truth. We get to the "WHY" of being here.

If you feel called towards depth work that expands and deepens your perception of yourself and the world, this type of coaching is for you. 

To awaken, we have to remove the layers of blockage that have built up between ourselves and the world, which often manifest as weight, depression, apathy, or anxiety. This is why I serve as a coach. To go into the depths of those layers, and discover the passions that it makes room for when we release them.

This coaching, in a nutshell, is here to develop a relationship with yourself that is so powerful and deep, you understand why you came exactly as and how you did. And to fall in love with that being again and again, every day.

If you hear the call to deeply commit, heal, and love yourself in a way you never have before, I am here as a coach, mentor, and friend. 

Thank you for tuning in, and I really look forward to deeply, authentically, connecting with you. 

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