Here is some mind/body/soul nourishment to begin activating your authentic expression RIGHT NOW!

△ Abundance delivers in the gapping of the space between mind and body—instinct and intuition

△ Salad bar approach to e v e r y t h i n g: take what you like, Leave. The. Rest.

The human experience is riddled with pieces of eternity in what is perceived as the everyday mundane.


Whatever we do in our minds, we do to our bodies. Whatever we do to our bodies, we do to the Earth. Whatever we do to the Earth, the Earth sends to us in resounding messages.

There is infinite and unconditional love, alchemical bodily healing to be accessed within. It begins with not hiding anymore. Because all that we hide perpetuates. Sharing is the antidote to the unwanted behaviors that isolation induces.

It begins with the power of choice. Choosing perception and choosing the path of least resistance.

A conscious choice, that we choose over, and over, and over, and over, every single moment

This creates the awakening of the de-programming of who we think we are supposed to be and the re-membering of our truth

the dropping of the idea that we can shape anyone's perceptions other than our own.

The path of least resistance, the one that chooses to live more simply + naturally, to express from authentic truth is one that increases longevity of life, and gives permission for others to access their highest potential of living in every encounter. It is pure flow. If there is ever a question of if you are experiencing it, that is not it.

Pain and suffering don't just go away. It never will. It's just no longer a bad thing. It just is, and we can honor it's wisdom and opportunity for healing. The only commitment is to ourselves.

We can be resilient enough to change our perspectives and rewire neural pathways at any given point in our lives by choosing to access our inherent connection and knowing of love and oneness.

And a deeply fulfilling spiritual and professional practice are facets of existence that can coexist. 

how we are in achieving our goals contributes to how deeply we can connect with ourselves. What do we want in life? How are we when we aren't busy or when we're alone?

Our level of connection to self is equivalent to how deeply we move into passions, connect with others, and vibrate in a state of ecstatic harmony and flow.

spirituality, productivity, passions, and ambition are one. 

Our relationship with food is the pathway that determines the rest of our lives. And it has the power to connect us to God, Source, the Divine, the place of our Highest Self expression, AND it has the power to make us feel a million miles away from all of that.

Manifestation and Now...

Our own self-healing, in and of itself, is a catalyst for much greater change than we could ever imagine. It requires we are fully, intentionally focused. Fully present. That is all. Being in the now does more for your cells than years of judging.

Allow yourself to jump in BEFORE you are healed, to continue to treat yourself INTUITIVELY, ORGANICALLY, without resistance, without force, without "shoulds", without needing. By letting go, and again + most importantly, sharing all of the things you want to keep hidden. This is where AND how the healing happens.

Earth, Self, Other are Synonyms

There are a million routes to get to it, but only one path with unmistakable direction, zero questioning, and pure alignment: and that is a deep connection to this Earth. To self. The beings that exist on it. These are all synonyms. This, is ultimately the pathway into Love. This is all Oneness is. This is the Inner Peace that everyone seeks, oftentimes in the wrong places. It is ever-present. It's in the nearly unbearable lightness and simplicity of everyday life --- and doing the laundry.

Synchronicities can permeate the entirety of life, in all areas. They can happen EVERY DAY no matter WHERE you live. Once suffering feels safe to express itself, it no longer plagues us. we can come together to make real, global change for the systemic suffering to end. 

If we're rejecting our inner suffering, there is no way we can heal the outer suffering of our brothers and sisters. And this is the root of our inner suffering, this is what causes us to reach for the next glass of wine and the bag of cookies and the next episode of TV.

I am here to help catalyze your growth. So that you can be of service to this planet.

For mentoring opportunities, click here. I love you. You are where you are supposed to be. And I'm so glad we've found each other.

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