Gabrielle Bodzin
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Gabrielle Bodzin, MSW

relational and embodiment-based counseling

In considering the origins of our estrangement, we must begin in our personal stories… For some, this first estrangement may be shaped by trauma, abuse or neglect. Maybe you were made to care for the needs of others while your own inner life was dismissed, humiliated or ignored. Maybe you were made to feel necessary in only one way, while the true inclinations of your belonging were sent like fugitives underground. Maybe you, and anyone like you, was maligned by the culture in which you were raised. Maybe the demands of your environment forced you to put your gifts out of sight while you attended to something more immediate. Whatever the particulars of your first estrangement, you will have felt the rift being torn between who you really are, and who you had to be to survive. And so begins the work of moulding our qualities into this more acceptable version of ourselves. Over time, these efforts at ‘passing’ as normal became all-too-successful, until even we begin to forget our true nature.
— Toko-pa Turner


gabrielle bodzin, MSW

associate clinical social worker # 91626

About Therapy & Me

I’m a big believer in the power of vulnerability, and deeply invested in how we relate: to ourselves, to our bodies, to others, to nature, and to the world at large.

My approach to counseling is rooted in the framework that our experience of mental health is not distinct from the context we exist within: the impacts of culture, social upbringing, and family dynamics mold our minds and nervous systems, shaping and contributing to our relationships and experiences as we go through life.

I’m currently a Counselor in Residence at The Relational Center in Los Angeles, CA. You can contact me directly to set up a free 1-1 phone consultation.

My experience has been that the healing process begins when we become aware of these impacts, and that the healing process proceeds with relational attunement and neuroplasticity.

I believe transformation and healing occur through embodying more of who we really are, rather than trying to change or “fix” who we are or become who we think we “should” be.

Coming from a trauma-sensitive lens, I consider the nervous system an important part of transformation. Thus, I often incorporate embodiment as well as the mind-gut and mind-body connection, shaping my practice to include integrative and holistic elements of wellness.

My passion is to support fellow human beings to express from their place of inner truth, access their creative potential for healing, and cultivate deeper connections to their aliveness and loved ones.

A little about me! I love to write and draw mandalas to folk music almost as much as being outside and exploring in nature. And while I very much treasure the silent wisdom that trees have to offer… I also love to indulge in all different kinds of TV dramas & film (with dark chocolate… of course). Feel free to email me directly with any questions at: Click here to read more about individual, relationship, and group therapy.

Areas of Training & Interest

spirituality⎪harm-reduction⎪intimacy⎪LGBTQIA+⎪embodiment⎪shame & resilience⎪sexuality & sex positivity⎪mindfulness & meditation⎪depression & anxiety⎪mind-body connection⎪yoga


Master of Social Work (specialization in Adult Mental Health and Wellness), University of Southern California

Bachelor of Science (major in Family Science), University of Maryland

Training & Experience

  • Certificate in The Relational Center’s comprehensive 10-month Foundational Training in Relational Gestalt Therapy with a social justice orientation for healing trauma, 2018-2019

  • Group Facilitator, Bodies and Trauma at The Relational Center, 2019-present

  • Group Facilitator, Authenticity and Vulnerability at The Relational Center, 2018-present

  • Group Facilitator, Meditation and Mindfulness at The Relational Center, 2018-present

  • Certificate in Power of Love 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training using yoga, mindfulness, meditation, breath-work, and mantra for healing, 2019

  • Certificate in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Clinical Intervention Training Course Completion, USC, 2019

  • Certificate in Problem-Solving Therapy Clinical Intervention Training Course Completion, USC, 2018

  • Certificate in Motivational Interviewing Clinical Intervention Training Course Completion, USC, 2017

  • Conference Presenter: “The influence of cognition, emotion, and spirituality on the depth and meaning of practitioner and client engagement,” The Joint World Conference on Social Work and Social Development, Dublin, Ireland, 2018

  • Conference Presenter: “Using sound to heal: the neuroscience of sound perception, mysticism, and healing,” The International Conference on Mindfulness, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2018

  • Social Work Intern in Healing Arts with at-risk youth at Safe Place for Youth in Venice, California, 2017-2018

  • Certificate of Achievement from The National Child Traumatic Stress Network, September 2017

  • Peer and Academic Counselor at the University of Maryland Counseling Center, 2015-2016

  • Elephant Journal Columnist and Teaching Assistant and Healevate Featured Author, 2015-2017

  • Editorial Research Assistant and Researcher in violence prevention, meditation, and addiction (Dr. Robert Marcus, Human Development and Quantitative Methodology, University of Maryland's Department of Education & Dr. Rael Cahn, Brain & Creativity Institute, University of Southern California’s Department of Neuroscience), 2014-2015 & 2018, respectively

  • Researcher on the Consciousness, Communication, and Change project with Dr. Cassandra Vieten, the Institute of Noetic Sciences

  • Participant in a Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Mindfulness study in the Clinical Psychology Lab at University of Maryland, 2015-2016