Hey Beloved.

Welcome to this page of personal growth and lasting transformation.

My name is Gabrielle Bodzin and I help humans navigate through the depths and discoveries of self-awakening. More simply, I serve as a guide for people to learn how to be their own healers.

I believe that Iove and unfiltered truth is a birth right that is available for all of us to explore every single day. I also believe that unfiltered truth and deeply looking at who we are (and our patterns) can evoke fear. Fear that shoves us right back into the adoption of negative habits, behaviors, and thoughts.

This is why guiding others through the rapid and continuous transformation and connection that is established when embodying the deeper truths of who they are, beyond habits, is my mission here on this planet. I am committed to aligning people with their power, values, and truth. In fact, this is how a new experience of life is established, and how each day becomes an opportunity to experience deep pleasure and self-love.

Currently, I am in the process of getting my master's degree from the University of Southern California to become a "licensed clinician."

In this process, I've developed a transpersonal coaching program (which I find to go much deeper than anything I have learned in my studies). In truth, over the course of the past 6 years, I've committed myself to investing in transformation, growth, and healing through much more than higher education. Therapy, coaching, medicine journeys, and healing ceremonies are the basis upon my coaching program, along with psychotherapeutic modalities that I've learned in my studies. Through applying the combination of all of this to myself and holding space for others to do the same, I've realized that we are our own greatest healers.

There is endless opportunity to explore new ground, more spaciousness, and endless layers within the psyche, nature, spirit, life, sound, silence, movement, and health, each and every day. 

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